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The DareMaster 3000

Decision-Making for the Truly Reckless

The most amazing device you'll ever use! No need to ask your friends for advice!

Dare Master 3000 product picture

Perfect for:

This handy, keychain-sized unit will help you make fast, daring decisions when your friends doubt your ability, sobriety, or common sense.

When in doubt, just press the handy No Brainer button to see an encouraging message. Great advice every time!

Order Now! Just $59.95, 2 for $110

To order, send an e-mail to: Please include a copy of your current Next of Kin form.

The DareMaster 3000 is safe to 27 Gs and 300' water depth.  It will survive even if you don't!

NOTE: Use of the DareMaster 3000 may invalidate your life insurance policy.  If you're a wimp, see your agent for details.

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