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Brian back from a ride

I was raised on Mad magazine and Monty Python, so my humor is both silly and animated (see above). If you must understand my inner psyche, the following facts may (or may not) provide insight:

•  I wrote my first limerick in high school, in an English class that tried to expose me to Serious Poetry (and failed).

•   My B.A. in Journalism is from the University of Minnesota.

•   So far, I've ridden over 40,000 miles on a bicycle. Never wrote a limerick while riding.

•   I enjoy wordplay, especially puns. My family tolerates this, but I'm careful around strangers.

•   I tried standup comedy for a while, on open mic nights—or is that open mike nites? Standup was fun at times, but it's harder than it looks.

Contact Me

I'm on facebook as Brian David Dean (Minnesota).

Send your comments or questions to

TEACHERS: I'm happy to consult with you about teaching limerick writing to your students.

Other Links

•   You can find my illustrated history of the streetcar system in the Twin Cities at Streetcars in Minneapolis and St. Paul

•   See amazing scenery from my trip to the Colorado mountains.