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Fun With Gum

everyone chewed

A Brief History of Chewing Gum  From cave men to royalty, everybody chews gum.   ANIMATED

35 Uses for Old Gum  Don't let it go to waste under a theater seat.

How to Make Chewing Gum  Check out the gum factory.   ANIMATED

Air and Space

Secret Airline Codes  Special destinations and secret codes for problem passengers.

Mars Polar Lander - Final Report  What really happened on the Red Planet.   ANIMATED

A Handy Emergency Checklist  Be ready when IT happens.

The Munson Memos

Brewster Munson: VP and golfer

Every company has an executive like Brewster Munson.

He's the Vice President who sends those bizarre memos that keep our lives “interesting.”

The Munson Memos are parodies. We hope.

More Fun

The Daremaster


The DareMaster 3000  Decision-making for the truly reckless.   ANIMATED

DOs and DON’Ts For Meeting Godzilla   DO tell him you've seen all his movies.

back grid


IBIS Back Scratch System   At long last, a way to give accurate directions.   ANIMATED


The Christmas Letter  A touching reply to one of those bragging letters you get from friends or relatives.

Stretching cat


Pet Gym  I learn cats and whirlpools don't mix.

Blip eating date

The Blip on the Chip  A Y2K fable inspired by Dr. Seuss. (Trust me, the Blip is alive and well.)