Brian Dean Humor

A Sample from Joey the Cat Falls in Love

Joey the Cat Falls in Love cover

Brian, Joey's roommate, introduces each email. It seems Brian the person and Joey the cat don't see the world in the same way.


Joey loves to play with cat toys. At least, that's what I thought until I read his email.

Joey sees a toy


I bought Joey a toy filled with catnip. At first, he seemed to be enjoying the toy, rolling on the floor and sniffing the catnip. But after reading his email, I realized Joey had a completely different experience.

Joey hides from the light

The Electric Mouse

Joey was confused by one of the Christmas toys.

Joey investigates the strange mouse

Love Letter

It was Monday, the day after a nice play date for cats and people. I waited until Joey was asleep before sneaking a look at the email app. Today’s email surprised me, because I hadn’t realized Joey was such a romantic.

Joey’s dearest Asha


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