Streetcars in Minneapolis and Saint Paul

A Streetcar Timeline

1872 - St. Paul Street Railway Co. begins horse car service

First horsecar

1873 Minneapolis Street Railway begins horse car service

- Andrew S. Hallidie begins cable car service in San Francisco

1879 - Thomas Edison sells first commercial incandescent lamp; Werner Siemens' electric trolley carries awestruck passengers at Berlin Industrial Exhibition

1884 - Charles Van DepoeleĆ­'s electric car pulls three trailers, carries 50,000 excited guests at the Chicago Industrial Exposition; James Starly invents the bicycle

1885 - Karl Benz builds the first auto

1886 - U.S. has 525 horse railways in 300 cities and towns, with 100,000 horses and mules

1887 - St. Paul's Selby Avenue cable car begins operation

1889 - St. Paul's East 7th St. cable car begins operation; Minneapolis Street Railway begins electric operation

1890 - St. Paul cars go electric

1891 - Thomas Lowry forms Twin City Rapid Transit (TCRT)

Building streetcar frames

1898 - TCRT begins building its own electric streetcars in St. Paul

1899 - TCRT begins service to Stillwater

1900 - First baseball cards include one for the Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers (their original full name)

1902 - U.S. streetcars carry 5.8 billion passengers

1905 - Streetcar service to Lake Minnetonka begins

Ferry boat

1906 - Ferry boats take visitors to Big Island Amusement Park on Lake Minnetonka

1908 - Henry Ford mass-produces the Model T automobile

1911 - Big Island Park closes

1912 - Titanic sinks on first voyage

1914 - University of Minnesota inter-campus streetcar service begins

- First red and green traffic light appears in Cleveland

Winter streetcars

1916 - TCRT has 437 miles of track, is largest employer in area

1925 - Basic fare jumps to 8 cents

1930 - Fare increases to 10 cents

1926 - TCRT boat service on Lake Minnetonka ends

Female streetcar driver and conductor in training

1943 - TCRT hires female streetcar drivers, calls them "motorettes"

1945 - TCRT hires female "conductorettes'"

PCC car

1946 - PCC cars begin running

1948 - Basic fare increases to 11 cents, TCRT begins to reduce streetcar service

1949 - A hostile takeover causes TCRT legal problems

1950 - Basic fare jumps to 15 cents, TCRT accelerates streetcar service closures

1953 - Basic fare increases to 20 cents

- First color television shows

1954 - Last TCRT streetcar ride

- U.S. Navy launches first nuclear submarine, the Nautilus

1955 - Christopher Cockerell invents the hovercraft

1962 - Minnesota Transportation Museum formed

- Unimation markets the first industrial robot

1964 - High speed 'bullet' train races between Tokyo and Osaka

MTM's restored 1300

1971 - Minnesota Transportation Museum opens and runs restored streetcar 1300

1990 - Restoration begins on TCRT steamboat Minnehaha

1991- Restoration begins on PCC streetcar #322

1996 - The ferry boat Minnehaha resumes passenger service on Lake Minnetonka

Restored PCC car

2000 - Restored PCC car #322 begins operation at Lake Harriet

2002 - Streetcar 78 delivers passengers to the Lake Minnetonka dock to ride the restored Minnehaha

Blue line LRV

2004 - After 50 years, streetcars ("Light Rail Vehicles") return to service. The Hiawatha Line (later the Blue Line) connects downtown Minneapolis to the airport and the Mall of America

2014 - The Green Line begins LRV service between Minneapolis and St. Paul

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