A Streetcar Chronology

1872 - St. Paul Street Railway Co. begins horse car service

   - The Great Epizootic kills thousands of horses in U.S.

1873 Minneapolis Street Railway begins horse car service

- Andrew S. Hallidie begins cable car service in San Francisco

1879 - Thomas Edison sells first commercial incandescent lamp

- Werner Siemens' electric trolley carries passengers at Berlin Industrial Exhibition

1884 - Charles Van DepoeleĆ­'s electric car pulls three trailers, 50,000 at the Chicago Industrial Exposition

- James Starly invents the bicycle

1885 - Karl Benz makes the first auto

1886 - U.S. has 525 horse railways in 300 cities and towns, with 100,000 horses and mules

1887 - St. Paul's Selby Avenue cable car begins operation

1889 - St. Paul's East 7th St. cable car begins operation; Minneapolis Street Railway begins electric operation

1890 - St. Paul cars go electric

1891 - Thomas Lowry forms Twin City Rapid Transit (TCRT)

1898 TCRT begins building its own electric streetcars in St. Paul

1899 - Service to Stillwater begins

1900 - First baseball cards include one for the Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers (their original full name)

1902 - U.S. trolleys carried 5.8 billion passengers

1905 - Streetcar service to Lake Minnetonka begins

1906 Ferry boats take visitors to Big Island Amusement Park on Lake Minnetonka

1908 - Henry Ford mass-produces the Model T automobile

1911 - Big Island Park and hotel close

1912 - Titanic sinks on first voyage

1914 - University of Minnesota inter-campus streetcar service begins

   - First red and green traffic light appears in Cleveland

1916 TCRT has 437 miles of track, is largest employer in area

1925 - Basic fare jumps to 8 cents

1930 - Fare increases to 10 cents

1926 - TCRT boat service on Lake Minnetonka ends

1943 TCRT hires female streetcar drivers, calls them "motorettes"

1945 - TCRT hires female "conductorettes'"

1946 PCC cars begin running

1948 - Basic fare increases to 11 cents, TCRT begins to reduce streetcar service

1949 - Charles Green takes over TCRT, legal problems begin

1950 - Basic fare jumps to 15 cents, TCRT accelerates streetcar service closures

1953 - Basic fare increases to 20 cents

- First color television shows

1954 - Last TCRT streetcar ride

- First nuclear submarine, the Nautilus, is launched

1955 - Christopher Cockerell invents the hovercraft

1962 - Minnesota Transportation Museum formed

- Unimation markets the first industrial robot

1964 - High speed 'bullet' train races between Tokyo and Osaka

1971 Minnesota Transportation Museum runs restored streetcar 1300

1990 - Restoration begins on TCRT steamboat Minnehaha

1991- Restoration begins on PCC streetcar #322

1996 - The ferry boat Minnehaha resumes passenger service on Lake Minnetonka

2000 Restored PCC car #322 begins operation at Lake Harriet

2002 - Streetcar 78 delivers passengers to the Lake Minnetonka dock to ride the restored Minnehaha

2004 After 50 years, streetcars ("light rail vehicles") return to service. The Hiawatha Line (later the Blue Line) connects downtown Minneapolis to the airport and the Mall of America

2014 - The Green Line begins service between Minneapolis and St. Paul