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Mars Polar Lander: Final Report



Postit: 'I can't keep this a secret.'

EYES ONLY for POTUS, NSC, Majic Levels 1-3


Event Log, First Mars Polar Lander

00:00:01  Landed, no damage detected

00:02:00  Deploy solar arrays

00:03:10  Deploy remote video camera, pointed at lander

00:05:00  Deploy High Gain Antenna; establish datalink

00:05:20  Transmitting good data and video

00:32:18  Sensors detect Non-Classified Biological Entity (NBE)

00:33:02  NBE approaches within ten feet

00:33:06  Reacting to NBE, lander deploys signaling mast and displays flag with Universal Peaceful Intentions Symbol

00:33:08  Microphone detects single speech-frequency emanation from NBE, classified Potentially Threatening

00:33:10  Sensors detect coherent light beam from NBE; lander experiences extreme temperature rise

00:33:11  Datalink lost; no further transmissions

See Video from MPL Remotely Deployed Camera

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