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Mars Polar Lander: Final Report


Postit: 'I can't keep this a secret.'

Security Classification Ultra Black 1: Eyes-only for POTUS, National Security Council, Majic Levels 1-3


Event Log for First Mars Polar Lander Mission

00:00:01   Begin Landed Operations Phase

00:02:00   Deploy solar arrays

00:03:00   Deploy/initialize Medium Gain Antenna

00:20:00   Establish datalink, upload telemetry and first images

00:32:18   First Anomalous Occurrence (AO): sensors detect Non-Classified Biological Entity (NBE)

00:32:40   AO2: NBE approaches within ten meters

00:33:02   AO3: NBE approaches within three meters

00:33:06   Reacting to NBE, lander deploys signaling mast and displays Universal Peaceful Intentions Symbol (UPIS)

00:33:08   AO4: microphone detects single speech-frequency emanation from NBE, tentatively classified as Potentially Threatening

00:33:10   AO5: sensors detect coherent light beam, originating from NBE, temperature sensors indicate sudden rise that exceeds measurement limits

00:33:11   Datalink lost, no further transmissions

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