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Joey the Cat Falls in Love: Secret Emails to Asha

Joey the Cat Falls in Love cover

Joey the Cat Falls in Love is a mystery, a revelation, and a love story, told in text and pictures.

It takes a phone call from an irate woman to prompt Brian to discover his roommate, Joey the Cat knows how to use the computer—to send emails!

The emails are going to a lovely Siamese named Asha that Joey met at the vet’s. But Alice, Asha’s human, thinks Brian is sending her inappropriate emails and wants him to stop.

While solving the mystery, Brian learns about Joey’s life by reading his emails. Brian shares his revelations with Alice, and by Christmas, both cats and people have found true love.

Joey the Cat Falls in Love is illustrated with 58 delightful cat pictures.

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LOL Limericks: Clean, Original, Funny

LOL LImericks book cover

LOL Limericks* introduces you to 200+ clean, original limericks in these categories: Modern Life, Flying, Working, International, Oddballs, Classics, Food, Sports, Friends, Animals, Pirates and Crooks, Kinda Weird, and Limericks with Puns.

LOL has a bonus tutorial that includes:

•  Anatomy of a Limerick

•  Quick and Easy Rhymes

•  The Creative Process

•  Writing an Idea-based Limerick

•  Writing a Limerick About a Friend

Laugh and learn with the book that brings the limerick out of the gutter and introduces a whole new era of five-line fun.

* NOTE: "Laughing out loud" is not guaranteed. Your reaction may vary from an amused smile to incontinence. For your safety, do not read while driving or eating, and do not attempt to read your favorites to strangers.

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Ram and Rom Stomp Kyoto

Ram and Rom Stomp Kyoto book cover

So, you think you understand those arcane computer terms, do you? Think again, and laugh along with Ram and Rom Stomp Kyoto: A Funny Look at Internet and Computer Terminology.

Everyone from Internet newbies to jaded IT professionals can find laughs in this wacky take on technical terms.

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